ICPL2021, as did its predecessor, aims to bring us together in sharing our scholarly work in the philosophy of language, literature, and linguistics. Any academic event of this kind promises to realize the negotiation of intimate academic and interpersonal relationships within which our findings, ideas and professionalism could be exchanged, modified and developed.

Last year, we had every right to expect that the exclusively rich historical, cultural, literary, and linguistic atmosphere of Azerbaijan would leave its auspicious imprint on the event and guests’ minds. However, things did not proceed as planned and we were all faced with conditions we had never experienced. The Covid-19 pandemic took the whole world by storm and surprise, and no less so the academic one and what all academia thought had been well-thought-out academic events and get-togethers.

A remarkable and tight-knit community of academics, graduate students and international staff came together in a harmonious song of highly coordinated collaboration to make the event possible last year. Along the same lines, and in defiance of this unprecedented and dark hold the viral pandemic wanted to put our lives on, the presenters came forward with brisk and appreciable re-adjustment to the online mode of conference participation, gracing us with their academic presence, albeit online.

For ICPL2021, with lessons duly learned and some bright rays of the sun at the end of this long and gloomy tunnel, the hopes are for the event to convene in-person, in line with the true heart, core and character of academic conferences, where there is such delight to be had in meeting new people, cultures, places and academic minds and insights, such gains in professional experience to be made. In this spirit, the default plan is to accommodate both forms: in-person and online, to allow for all parties interested to attend and present their work. It is in this same spirit that we are looking forward to seeing you again, online or in-person, this time for ICPL2021. In the latter case, we take it as nothing but occasion for delight should we be able to welcome you to Baku, the city of fire, her scenes of ancient but sturdy beauty, and her inexplicable spell every visitor is bound by.   


The ENGLISHERS LLL International is an international forum based in Turkey working for the promotion and development of English Language, Linguistics and Literature across the globe by providing consultancy in academic programs and training the teachers for their professional competence and research activities. 

ENGLISHERS LLL International in collaboration with Khazar University, Azerbaijan is organizing a conference in september 2021 entitled "The Philosophy of Language, Literature and Linguistics"



ICPL2021 Organizing Committee

Important Dates

Conference Dates:

September 24-25, 2021


Abstract Submission:

August 15, 2021

Notification of Acceptance:

August 26, 2021

Registration Fee Deadline:

September 10, 2021

Full Paper Submission for Digital Proceeding Book:

September 13, 2021

Publication of Digital Abstract Book (Tentative):

17 September 2021


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